Charity…Donation..Makes you run away or are you drawn to it?

If you are anything like my husband you’ll run away! How do you react when you get that email from your colleague/friends informing you of their next fund raising running event. You find a Cake Sale banner in your office.  You spot a guy on the street with a pin board asking people to sign […]

Throwback Thursday..Running!!

Here is my first Throwback Thursday. I  took part in British 10K run in July 2012…An Olympic year in London 🙂 This run reminds me “Anything is possible” I had not completed any training, and just on a day I went for 10K run, and completed it, for pro-runner this might not sound much, but i […]

Consequences of OVERSLEEPING….Grrr!!

As I sit by the window, overlooking a car park surrounded by tall tower blocks in a Physical Therapy Centre in NYC I ask myself what can I write about today? I am committed to “30 Days Blogging Challenge”, so just wondering what shall I write? Well as the project is still in infancy, so […]