Charity…Donation..Makes you run away or are you drawn to it?

If you are anything like my husband you’ll run away! How do you react when you get that email from your colleague/friends informing you of their next fund raising running event. You find a Cake Sale banner in your office.  You spot a guy on the street with a pin board asking people to sign […]

The first step to Sharing starts in Childhood, Do you agree?

Do you remember your childhood days? For some of us, it was easy to share our toys, food, and books with our siblings or friends. Some of us even struggled to share things with others. Having grown up in big family (three sister and a brother), sharing was a second nature to me. I even […]

We are back :)

Dear Readers, You might have wondered, what’s happened? No more updates. Is this project still happening? Did they run out of fund? Luckily, yes it’s still going on, and we haven’t run out of fund just yet. There was a summer vacation in Aanganwadi, so we haven’t been circulation snacks. Also, I had been on […]

Wordless Wednesday Sweet Kids #1

Happy Wednesday 🙂 When you are on a busy schedule I love Wordless post…Today is an exception as I am introducing a theme. Every Wednesday we will share individual photos of children in Aanganwadi. Here is our first image. She reminds me of my childhood lunch box, I used to have exact same lunch box […]

Here we go again….Monday Meal #5

Happy May Bank Holiday!! As I type this update I am watching well overdue ITV Leaders’ Debate. It is quite interesting to watch all these politicians criticizing each other! Quote from the debate “Those with the broadest shoulder bears the greatest burden” by Ed Miliband. Do you agree with Ed Miliband? I am not sure […]

It’s been more than a fortnight…Monday Meal #4

Have I been busy or what? I have been watching these lovely beautiful children enjoying their treats every Monday, just haven’t had a chance to share these with you! Our agreed menu included things like, Kachori, Samosa, Sandwiches. As you can guess, pretty spicy themed items on the menu. Mona informed me that our little […]