About Us

Thank you very much for visiting our site. We are an organisation committed to provide feast to unprivileged kids in the small town called Kalol in India.  Our motto is to give something back to our community. The place we call our “community” has a special place in our heart, and in our world. This is our way to give something back to our communities.

This  project is run and supported  by a group  of volunteers, our own Project co-ordinator (my sweet sister-in-law),  My Auntie (Nursery Teacher), Radheshyam Bakery ( our chosen feast provider), and group of lovely donors.

Mona Barot

Mona Barot

Project Coordinator – Hi Everyone! I am Mona, helping out to organize and distribute meals to lovely kids!  I am really excited to be part of this project, and really looking forward to meet different kids every week.


Mina Auntie

Nursery Teacher in Aanganwadi –  Namaste!! I am Mina. I work as a Nursery Teacher for Aanganwadi for last 7 years. I am pleased that I am able to help with this project. I am looking forward to share their experiences with everyone over coming months.

If you like to get involved please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Happy Sharing, Happy Serving 🙂


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