Charity…Donation..Makes you run away or are you drawn to it?

If you are anything like my husband you’ll run away! How do you react when you get that email from your colleague/friends informing you of their next fund raising running event. You find a Cake Sale banner in your office.  You spot a guy on the street with a pin board asking people to sign up for regular donation or it could be someone by the train station, standing their with money collection box for a very worthy cause.

I am the one of those types who gets drawn to it. I read the story, and if I can relate to the cause I am quick to put my hand in the pocket, and donate. If you are my type then of course you’ve my blessing and carry on being generous! If you are anything like my husband I have listed 3 simple steps where you can donate for good cause without breaking your bank 🙂


  1. Buy books from Charity Shops such as Oxfam, Red Cross, British Heart Foundation, Scope. These are very reputable shops, and genuinely have a very good collections of books. These books cost a fraction of what you might get it from a retail outlet, and yes even cheaper than Amazon. Also remember there are no profit margin for these sales so all money are donated to good cause
  2. Recycle your old items by donating your item to charity shops. Things like clothes, shoes, household items, toys etc. Everyone tend to have a clear out at least once a year, please make sure that you donate your old (usable of course) items to nearby charity shops.
  3. Donate your service. If you are a doctor, lawyer, beautician etc.  you can offer a free service. You can select a local reputable charity to work with. I know of a charity called “Carers in London”, and they organize a weekly massage sessions for parents of disabled children. These beautician provide their services for free.

Are these simple enough? Please try them and let us know how you get on.

Happy Sharing 🙂 Happy Serving 🙂


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