The first step to Sharing starts in Childhood, Do you agree?

Do you remember your childhood days? For some of us, it was easy to share our toys, food, and books with our siblings or friends. Some of us even struggled to share things with others. Having grown up in big family (three sister and a brother), sharing was a second nature to me. I even remember that there were times when my mother used to praise me and remind me that I was so giving that I would even take out my favorite food from my mouth to give it to someone.  This obviously not very very hygienic of course, nevertheless it showed my willingness to share.


When I was in my teens used to share my clothes, and/or secret stories with my my best pals. The person whom I was sharing my stories with felt pretty special, bet they felt they were important to me, or I trusted them to impart my secret with them. Sometime, it even brought us more closer.

Nowadays,  I share the same liking as many other people in Social Media, mainly Facebook where I share something I read, or  a picture which was too pretty. that you are compelled to share! I purposefully make an effort to share my knowledge or resources with other people.  I am looking out for these opportunities to help other people, Why? I feel that I have taken enough from this beautiful world, and will continue to do so for many years to come. I feel it is my time to give something back to my community.  That is the sole purpose of setting up Shivani Foundation.

First core step of “Sharing” is instilled in our childhood, It is very important to teach our children the importance of “Sharing”. During my recent visit to library, while i was browsing a children section I came across a book called “Sharing Times” by Elizabeth Verdick and Marieka Heinlen. I read it quickly. As always, this was also very colorful with large fonts, It has a very beautiful message, that some things are easy to share such as; “hugs, laughs and smile”, whereas are somethings are difficult to share such as; “books, toys” because the other person might like it or break it. I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. Even today, I find somethings are easy to share such as my time, skills and resources. Last week I reviewed annual report for a small charity “Read Library”, which provides educational books to rural schools in India. Earlier this week I shared my food with a homeless person by the underground station. Sharing, a second nature to me and yet I struggle to share my space in an underground. If the train is empty, I’ll take an empty seat in the corner to make sure that at least I don’t need to share my space on both sides!

Odd, right? I wouldn’t be surprised many of us have some quirky not share things on our list!!

Please share in comment what is it that you find it easy to share, and something you struggle to share?

Happy Sharing 🙂 Happy Serving 🙂


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