Here we go again….Monday Meal #5

Happy May Bank Holiday!!

As I type this update I am watching well overdue ITV Leaders’ Debate. It is quite interesting to watch all these politicians criticizing each other! Quote from the debate

“Those with the broadest shoulder bears the greatest burden” by Ed Miliband.

Do you agree with Ed Miliband?

I am not sure if watching these folks debating may pursue Β me to select my leader (not for me), but nevertheless it is worth watching!

Our Monday Meal update, we distributed “Gathiya”, a very traditional Gujarati snack. Not too hot, not too blend, just the right taste for our little kids! We also gave some sweet called “Barfi”, to keep the balance going.

Here are some of our snaps.


Image_2 Image_3 Image_4


Mona told me that everyone loved the food. They were quite chatty, and passed their “Thank you”. I have some beautiful snaps of these kids getting up and close with Mona. I might use these for Wordless Wednesday, look out for those!

Happy Sharing πŸ™‚ Happy Serving πŸ™‚

If you like to get involved or donate please get in touch.


7 thoughts on “Here we go again….Monday Meal #5

  1. I’d like to know about this organization of children you post about and your affiliation with them. Are you a volunteer? Do you work for them? Are you a UK citizen or India citizen. I assume you live in India. What do you do for a living. Is there an About Me page on this blog I am missing. I am going to be adding an About me page to my blog soon. They say that blog followers like to know about the people they follow.


    • Hi Troy, Thank you for your interest in my work. I live in UK, and work in IT. I am British Citizen. I have set up this foundation (mainly funded by me at present) to give something back to the community I grew up in. There is an About Us page on the site, but it doesn’t include my intro ( as i am in two mind about what I shall write).

      All the best with your “About Me” page.

      I am also planning to revamp this site slightly as I know the fonts are too small, and some design restriction.


    • Thank you for stopping by, and your appreciation of my project. This project had been in mind for last 5 years, and only this year I have been able to action it. I have a some way to go. Another subject close to my heart is “Special Needs Children”, and am contemplating setting up something for these children in UK too! Stay in touch xoxo


  2. I will probably find out as I read more, but what part of India? Just curious. We have friends in Mizoram and I have friends from other parts as well.


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