It’s been more than a fortnight…Monday Meal #4

Have I been busy or what? I have been watching these lovely beautiful children enjoying their treats every Monday, just haven’t had a chance to share these with you!

Our agreed menu included things like, Kachori, Samosa, Sandwiches. As you can guess, pretty spicy themed items on the menu. Mona informed me that our little kids weren’t able to handle hot foods so we had to change our menu slightly. For last Monday, we served Gulab Jamun. My favorite’s totally delicious. Full of Sugar, and Ghee 🙂


Here is all kids lined up, and ready to get yummy treat 🙂IMG_2

Gulab Jamun served, ready to eat 🙂IMG_3

Here we are with our teachers 🙂 IMG_4

Auntie told me that children really enjoyed sweet treat!!

Happy Sharing, Happy Serving 🙂

If you like to get involved or donate please don’t hesitate to contact us.


2 thoughts on “It’s been more than a fortnight…Monday Meal #4

  1. That sounds like some awesome service that is going on over there with those children. For the uneducated, what are those interesting looking food items? What are the ingredients? Keep up the good wrok and God bless your efforts.

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