This is a late post…..Monday Meal #3

This was supposed to be published yesterday, but guess what I was too busy making the most of our long weekend!! Yesterday, I spent most part of my day..spinning my head upside down (literally).  You see, I visited Thrope Park..You can have a sneak peek of what I mean by clicking here.

Another Monday, Another Meal Delivery.

Yesterday, we distributed Kachori (peas, and potatoes filling), with Tamarind chutney…Sounds too yummy, eh?

It is absolutely mouth watering, you can see this little one seems extremely delighted with his food.


Next time if you visit an Indian restaurant you can try one of these. Mainly, these are served as a starter, or snack. I had asked them to make large they can be served as lunch!

Auntie told me that children were extremely delighted!!

Here are some snaps from yesterday!!


It looks like, this session was held indoor @ someone’s house as i can’t spot any mat!


Have you guys noticed, that so far we have completed three Mondays…and more to come!!

To Share, To Serve…in action!!

PS: Hope all the folks in UK, are making the most of sunny week!


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