Moi @ My First Run…Getting excited for this one in July # Thursday Throwback

Oh…What can I say? There I was thumping my head and heart, having said that..It was a great day and pretty memorable as it was my first charity run ever 🙂

This is what I looked like on the way there…..posing in the underground!


I remember, as an amateur, and enthused runner when the gun was fired at starting line I just went for it! I was running ahead of everyone (may be only for first 10 mins, and then I was exhausted and everyone  ran pass me). I had my Ipod, set on my favorite track!! Guess what, my headset was not appropriate for a run, ear plug kept dropping out, May be it couldn’t keep up with my racing pace!

I can vividly remember It was very a happening, and motivational atmosphere in Hyde Park!! Many areas in the park were blocked for runner. It was a sunny Sunday in September, a rare sun for British sky in September!!

I recall that our morning started with small warm up exercises, and guess what I meet…”Jessica Ennis-Hill, the Olympic champion”.  I was not very familiar with athletics, but she looked cute and friendly so i went up to her, and said “Hello”. I also took her autograph, and she very kindly signed my race number. I have it somewhere, must look it up!!I

I was doing 5K Adidas Women’s Challenge and raised money for Action Aid. I used to sponsor a little girl called “Manu”, in Delhi!! Looking back, it was a very worthwhile thing to do.

This is what I looked like after the race….(Sweaty Make up)


I am looking forward to this year’s  10K… Roll on July 🙂

Happy Sharing, Happy Serving 🙂

PS: Look out for our April’s kindness activities…as part of RAKtivist!!


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