Almost a random acts of kindness…

On a Monday morning, before the busy day and life gets in the way, I want to share what’s happened in last few days.  I am eager to know if this happens to you?

On Thursday, I am walking out of the Aldgate Underground station.  I am running pretty late for my meeting (this wouldn’t be the first and last though), I saw a homeless woman, dressed up in warm clothes, sitting on a what seemed like a cardboard box. 002732-1024413homeless11hs

I had lunch in my hand, and felt as if I should give it to her. I told myself, as it is I am running late for this meeting, and if I give her my lunch what would I do? I just walk passed her, and that thought of giving her my food bothered me till very late evening. Perhaps, I should have!

On Saturday  morning I am driving down to supermarket, packed Saturday and  plenty of grocery shopping on my “To do list” today. As I was driving, I saw a gentleman, wearing hooded jacket, was carrying a rucksack and in one hand was holding a Coca Cola.  He reminded of me, when I am running  to catch a bus. He ran across my car to catch a bus. I slowed down my car shutterstock_217875652-390x285so he can catch the bus.

Unfortunately, He still didn’t get the bus, and I felt that maybe I could waive him, and give him a lift in my car so I can drop him off to next bus stop…guess what? I didn’t, as it is I was in a rush,  and if I were to stop for him I will be late.

Yesterday, two Gujarati ladies (of our region from India) knocked on my door, and said they wanted to come for a chat.  One lady, must have been of my mum’s age, and her name was “Kailasben”. She had a beautiful smile on her face, and both of them looked innocent and welcoming.  Kailasben told me that she isn’t there to promote religion, or to ask for any donation. She likes to spread goodwill, and is just here to have a good chat with us.  You can guess the rest. Did I let them in?  Nope, I thanked them politely and said we were just about to have a lunch so this wasn’t the right time, another time. Honestly,I don’t know if that another time would come. Normally in India if someone comes at your house like that, you welcome them and at least offer them water or tea….they say “Atithi Devo Bhav”.  Guest is like a God!!

I ask myself, Is our life so fast paced that we have good thoughts, but not enough time to action these? Through last few days, when you have an intention to spread goodwill, or help someone out,  you should “JUST DO IT”.


Don’t get into “If, and buts”…It will never happen!


Let us all “Make time, and take time” to help others, I am glad that despite leading a very busy life I am taking up some time out to set up Shivani Foundation, and very recently I have also been involved in setting up “Autism Parents group” in our local area.

Happy Monday!!!


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