Terrible Tuesday…..

Yesterday was supposed to our big day, inauguration of our project…Guess what? There had been unexpected hail storms, and heavy rain fall in the town…below might give you some idea as to how terrible it had been for the folks over there..


Mina Auntie also confirmed that due to recent “Swine Flu” epidemic in the local area,  it probably is best that I hold off for a fortnight or so…

Who could have predicted this?  Till Last Friday, everything seemed in harmony, and pretty perfect! I spoke to Mona, asking her to take care of logistic, and place an order etc…..and now this..

I am gutted, but also understand that it can’t be helped and everything happens for a reason.  I am sitting tight, and waiting for a fortnight to pass till we kick start our project.  Our milestone has moved, and this time due to nature’s fury! I hope everyone is safe though!!

Hope this is the first, and last “Terrible Tuesday” post…


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