Consequences of OVERSLEEPING….Grrr!!

As I sit by the window, overlooking a car park surrounded by tall tower blocks in a Physical Therapy Centre in NYC I ask myself what can I write about today? I am committed to “30 Days Blogging Challenge”, so just wondering what shall I write? Well as the project is still in infancy, so can’t really think of something to write every day!  I decide to write about my day,  just to give you little preview of my day (by the way, all days are not like this).

My morning usually starts @ 3:00am (really early as I am working UK hours),  Nice and early, eh?  Too early, I think!! Ideal morning start in my world looks like this…. Switch off the alarm, Freshen up, Yoga, Do meditation, Grab a bite,  Read a page from my “Book of the Month” – Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain…and then get ready for work…start with “Read, comment or like up 10 posts for #1000 Voices for Compassion”, and then start my work. Staring my morning THE RIGHT WAY,eh?


Today, I overslept… I am almost certain that most people have experienced “Oversleeping”. These are pretty dangerous when it happens in morning hours.


As one can guess, my morning routine is out of the window. I woke up two hours later than planned, and guess what the first thing I do is log on computer to see how many voice conferences I might have missed…Lucky for me, the meeting with my manager was cancelled, Phew!!

No time for Yoga, Meditation, or any planned activities. I start working away, and only at 11:00am I get a chance to get breakfast, and then continue working till 6:00pm. Pretty productive day at work, and needed to skip my lunch and work till late to make up for missing hours.

I also remember one of my ex-colleagues, who got a call from her manager at mid-afternoon when she didn’t turn up for work…why because she overslept!! Luckily my “Late logging” was not noticed!

How was my day…Pretty usual, and slightly busier than a normal day!! Today, I learned to be compassionate towards myself…and laughed at this mishap. Thank you for #1000 Voices for Compassion…I am learning to be compassionate towards myself 🙂


Have you Overslept…What was it like for you?


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