Keep Calm and Carry On

Is It me, or time is really flying by? Just like the one in this picture. I am just glad that in my busy schedule I am able to find time to keep my post up to date!! Well done ME 🙂


Today reluctantly I amended the  timeline for my project. Firstly I set up wrong date, as there is no “Aanganwadi” over the weekend, and secondly I have not been able to transfer funds into an Indian Bank account. There seems to be some technical glitch.   This is delaying already delayed task…eh? Now I need to call up the Branch Manager, and might even have to drop him an email as well. I am now back to the drawing board, and might even need to transfer cash using a Western Union or  Money Gram services.

At times I doubt myself, and think will I be able to do it? I remind myself….Keep Calm and Carry On!!


Happy Sharing!! Happy Serving 🙂


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