Accidental Compassion?

Mind boggling questions….I can’t thank enough Social Media and Sarah Arrow for her initiative 30 days Blogging Challenge. In last few days I’ve come across really inspirational and practical stuff that I can incorporate in my life. Through this forum, I landed on #1000 Voices for Compassion. 1000speakThank you Sam @ Bite Me Marketing for bringing it to our forum. Here is my attempt to write a thing or two about Compassion….

Compassion, a word too often used in “Buddhism” … I think. Well I say this because my best buddy a perfect example of “Compassion in action”, and she is hard-core “Buddhist”. Hope she’ll take this as a compliment.  We met accidentally, I was a Post Office counter clerk and she was my customer.  We got friendly…in 5 minutes we learned basic facts about each other. She was doing PhD in Psychological subject, and I was a studying to be a Psychologist. I shared my concern with her that English is my second language, so naturally I am always worried about grammar and sentences structures in my essays. She offered to help…and then guess what ever since that day she’s reviewed and has given brilliant feedback for my essays. She’s never took any money from me for this work. If that wasn’t enough she’s always been on my side, when I needed her the most. She’s also an inspiration for our”Shivani Foundation” project!! I am lucky to have met her, and now proud to call her my accidental compassionate sister. Should she agree to do a small interview on “Compassion”, I’ll certainly share her interview watch this space 🙂

I find that it is easy to be compassionate with people whom we love, people who are our family, our own children. Can we be equally compassionate towards strangers? I think we can. Compassion isn’t about showing sorrow or sympathy towards someone’s suffering. For me, Compassion is an attempt to understand their situation, and if possible offer a solution.6-7-2012-2-26-45-pm

If we don’t have solution…simply be there for them!! In last few days, I have been at the receiving end of truly compassionate people. who’s taken time out of their busy schedule to offer me advise, commenting on my posts, and sharing their stories.

Our Project “Shivani Foundation” is our way to be compassionate towards our community, and pretty accidental too (It’s quite a story I’ll share that in coming months). Through this project we aim to share love, and serve our fellow human beings. We hope that in a very small way, we can brighten up their world.

Will you pledge to be more compassionate, and If yes how? Please share your thoughts with us.

You can read all Compassion posts here.

PS: If we are looking for opportunity for “Accidental Compassion”..Start buying food/coffee for random strangers or homeless people..Hint 🙂



10 thoughts on “Accidental Compassion?

  1. I have read somewhere that the best gift you can give a person s your time. Because when you give some one your time, you are giving them a part of your life you will never get back.

    Your post reminded me of those words… 🙂

    Thank you for sharing… 🙂


  2. Thank you very much for your post. It was an exciting project and I’m getting back to read a few more posts tonight. I received blood transfusions for 5 years and that touched me, along with organ donation, as being great examples of compassion, especially as it is so altruistic.
    I uploaded a few posts for the big day. Here’s the main one with a humorous look at compassion fatigue:
    xx Rowena

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