How does it feel when you can be “You”?

Intrigued by the title? So was I. When I read this beautiful blog post “Be You” by a wandering story teller.  In our daily life how often do we get an opportunity to be ourselves?  I seem to recall as a child,  If I wanted to do something, I didn’t give much thought to what others might think. I can anecdote one funny incident (it wasn’t funny at a time though).  I must have been about 12 years old,  and like many other kids at that age you feel you know what’s best for you.  I wanted to change my hair style, and wanted to have a boy style haircut,  In another word, very short hair which didn’t require much care….something like in the picture below,


Guess what, as expected my Mum was totally against this idea, and told me that “Girl looks pretty in long hair, and as it is I have a lovely long hair…no need to ruin it”. I have tried to converse with her, I even gave her a preview of my short hair by pinning up hairs on top. It almost looked as if I had short hair…She wasn’t buying though ( I should have tried harder). After failed attempts, I went to my room, stood in front of mirror and kept wondering, what if Mum was right? May be short hair might not suit me.  A thought of short hair wouldn’t leave me…and guess what I just happen to see a scissors by the dressing table. I locked myself in the room, and I am sure you can guess the rest… I cut my hair. I have to say it didn’t look pretty. It was a disaster, I just cut them short from all angels, and it looked something like this….


I went up to my Mum, with a teary eyes. She was horrified, and understanding of my situation. She tried to console me and immediately took me to the barber to sort out my hair. I had finally fulfilled my wish to have “boy style hair cut”. It looked nice, well I thought so. I guess the moral of the story is, as a child you are carefree, and it’s in your nature “You”, even if that means making a mess of your hair. I can see, even in childhood I was “Do It Myself” type kiddo 🙂

Through this project, I now have an opportunity (ies) to be “Me”.  I get to share my wonderful insight, can write what I feel like, and fulfilling my dreams to help kids. Back tot the title of the post then, How does it feel to be “You”?…For me, it feels Good, Accepted, Complete….How about you?

Oh, and one more happy news for this week…We have a “Green” light from Aanganvadi officer. The officer was pleased, and she said “well done”, and these children would be really happy!! Oh that’s just made my day!!! this weekend,  I am off to Chinatown to celebrate the Year of  the Sheep. and may even go and meet some celebrities too!

Happy Chinese New Year!! Have a blissful weekend 🙂

PS: Thanks to wonderful bloggers A Wandering story teller for inspiration for this post, and My World for cute bad hair day image!


4 thoughts on “How does it feel when you can be “You”?

  1. Haha 😀
    I had to make do with short hair till I was about 18, because –
    1) Ma felt that it is too much work to maintain long hair
    2) Add to point 1 that I am a lazy bum
    3) Pa and Ma told us that we were free to do whatever we wanted to post 18, eligibility age to vote 😛

    On a different note, congratulations on the Anganwadi front 🙂


  2. Mid-childhood to adulthood I had short hair. My mother just couldn’t deal with long hair, the knots, the hassle so it was short. My first act of adult rebellion was to grow my hair… My eldest daughter wanted to get her hair cut, she was sick of me styling it via the hairdresser… so she went and got it cut. She came home crying and said she’d never do it again, as clearly she could see that I knew what suited her and it wasn’t a short layered mop! If only the younger two realised that!


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