To Give is to Love

As I read a post Daily Devotional with Christian Pictures written by Troy, It made me wonder and inspired me to write this post. I came across this post through 30 Days Blogging Challenge. At first I was little perplexed when I read the meaning of “Charity”.

Charity-designstyle-love-heart-mCharity,  is another word for “Love”, according to Christian scriptures. A form of love which is shared with our neighbors,  may it be neighbor who lives next door, or a neighborhood which could have been part of your lives many years ago. Foundation of my project is based on latter concept. My love for my community, and neighborhood kids inspired me to set up this project.

In the Oxford dictionary Charity means to give the voluntary help, in a form of money or services to those in need. It doesn’t reference anything about Love. Is it fair to omit “Love” from its meaning? Does “Charity” have a same meaning? I guess it probably does. Nowadays, there are over thousands charities worldwide, pursuing very diverse worthy cause. The range of projects undertaken by charitable causes are really varied, and all of these charities are committed to either improve or sustain  the well-being of people, natural reserves, animals, future generations, and our environment. It can only happen, when Love is the driving force.

According to Indian scriptures, Charity is to “Donate” either a goods, money or offer your services to help those in need. In another word, Charity is “Giving”. What is the difference between our regular “Giving”, and “Charitable Giving”. In our regular, day to day “Giving” we automatically expect something in return, whereas “Charitable Giving” we don’t get anything in return. We give without expecting nothing in return.  Is that possible?

Very deep thoughts for this post….I can continue to ponder on this because let’s face in today’s fast paced modern world we like to believe that there is an answer, or an explanation for everything. I blame “Google” for this thinking 🙂

I very much hope that I will get the support I need for this project, and remember Anne Frank once said  “No one has ever become poor by giving”. Let the quote stands.


Happy Sharing!! Happy Giving….and Happy Loving 🙂

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