“Do It Myself”

As I am sipping my warm green tea, watching the snow fall through the window from a cold NYC apartment, I am beginning to realize that the project is taking up more time than expected. It may be because it’s just initial set up phase, as the project gets going it will get easier, I certainly would hope so. I also think that as I am taking care of most things by myself. You know as they say “Do It Myself” gives you great control over our tasks, perfect for control freak like myself!  This picture depicts me well…control-freak-card

The downside of “DIM” is it can be very time consuming.  In today’s internet savvy world, there is so much help and resources at our disposal, sometime one can very easily led them to believe that ” I can do it all myself”, and ” yes you can”  only if you had enough time on your hand.


Thus far, I have used some great resources at my hand to set up and raise awareness of this project.

1. Social Media, Facebook –  Facebook is considered to be the most powerful Social Media vehicle, given that you have a potential to reach over 1 billion users. We have setup our own Facebook page; Shivani Foundation. Check out the our page, and Like it to keep yourself up to date with our progress.

2. Facebook community group – Indian women in London, a great group of ladies who are sharing, caring and supporting each others , 30 Days Blogging Challenge, to keep you motivated and encourage you to keep in line with your passion, Winning women Central London, provides an opportunity to network with like minded women in London, Women Inspiring Women, over 12,000 members to support and inspire each other.

3. Blogs –  I  have spent over 10 years in IT, combination of academic and working life I am pretty comfortable with using the internet, and websites. Having said that, while trying to set up this blog, i had hit blocker and I found WordPress support pages to be invaluable resource. WordPress support pages, and blog

4. Training Videos –  I find that when one man band is working on something like this, at times you can’t help but question your ability. When a doubt arises, or if I am in need to advise I check out training/inspirational videos by some of my favorite leaders such as Robin Sharma,  or Hay House. through Hay House monthly email I came across a very useful training videos produced by B School. This school is set up by very inspirational and talented young lady “Marie Forleo” I might even join B School, an alternative to traditional MBA!

Most important phase of our project is to raise awareness of our project, and to raise funds to provide feast regularly. Initially, it’s self-funded with the help of my lovely family members, and friends.  I am grateful to each of those to contribute to this great cause.

As I steadily progress towards my big day, I do keep wondering whether,  “Do It Myself” is a good idea? I am also conscious that there are few important tasks currently residing in “my head” needs to be taken care of. Will i be able to hack it? Watch this space to know the answer….


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