Progressing with purpose!

You must have heard a famous saying from Sir Winston Churchill that “He who fails to plan is planning to fail”, in this case it will be “She”. He-who-fails-to-plan-is-1

I have spent hours planning this project, and have even formed my “to do list”. The only problem is that, so far it’s either in a scattered draft in my “Emails”, or  “In my head”.  It’s about time that I start putting my plan on paper, and start tracking it otherwise as the saying goes..the big day will come and pass.

So here is my first draft of top 4 activities I need to do before our big day;

  1. Get the money into the bank:  Send money to India,  in a local currency to purchase food.  I am on Google, working out which is the easiest and cheapest way to transfer funds to India. Needless to say, “Money Gram”, and “Western Union” keeps coming up on top of the search for speedy transfer.  I can transfer funds within a day, at  minimum cost of £5.00. I have approximately 15 days before the big day, so may be i don’t need that speedy service. I continue my search to see if i can find other ways to transfer money cheaply. I come across a local Indian Bank, “Bank of Baroda”, and If you are their customers, you can transfer money at no cost to another “Bank of Baroda” customers in India. I ring Mona (our project coordinator) to see if she has an account in this bank. Bingo…she does!! Here we go, I now just need to open up account in this bank, and off we go. We are able to transfer money at no cost!! Loving the global banking world.
  2. Agree on the menu, and price: I now have the menu, with a price tag. I am pleased that the price is reasonable. I no longer need to negotiate, saving myself some breath and time!! First week, we are going to distribute “Puff (spicy version of Cheese and Onion Pastry), and a cake”. Very western, eh? Of course, I am starting with my favorite snacks, and having spent over 10 years in my adopted land…I am not surprised that Cake and Pastry are on my favorite snack list ;-). What’s your favorite snack? Feel free to share…..
  3. Seek approval from Aanganwadi supervisor: I was discussing the project with my Mum. She reminded me that, I don’t have that much time on my hand….will I be able to handle this? This concern is shared by my family members….Underestimating top notch multi-tasker (If that’s even a word) . Some another day, I’ll share my tips on how to multitasking.woman-os-scaleI reassured her, and my family members that this project will not take up more than couple of hours per week, remains to be seen!!  Another important point Mum brought to my attention that I seek formal approval from an official in Aanganwaid as this is a government run initiative. If the project takes momentum, and as I plan to share photos and stories…I don’t want to find myself in any wrongdoing. Great point, I told myself! My mum has only passed 7th Standard,  no GCSE or college, but she has a great wisdom, and why wouldn’t she. She used to co-run our home business, while raising four kids. She is very simple, caring and loving towards all her kids, and in my experience she always put her kids and their needs before hers. I am eternally grateful to have Mum like her. Thanks Mum, I shall make further inquiries with my Mina Auntie, and get the contacts for supervisor, just to make sure I get their approval. “Fingers crossed”, this idea would be approved!
  4. Liaise with Aanganwadi teachers: I need to collate the list of “Aanganwadi” in the town, and then build the contact list. Make a calendar, may be for next six months, on which day we are distributing feast to which center, at what time. Plenty of nitty-gritty details to work out. I am sure Mina Auntie, and Mona can take care of this task on my behalf.

Watch this space to know how this project unfolds.

Happy Sharing, Happy Serving 🙂


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