Tick Tock Kick Off….Planning

Tick Tock, clock is ticking away and hours are passing by….I am working away on my bed! Yep, a  rare luxury to call your bedroom your office, one of the perks of IT job.  I am checking my phone, trying to figure out “what time is in India?”,  trying to match  my clock and set of activities with three different time zones isn’t easy!! Moan over….fast forward welcome to the our global world. At least this way, from the comfort of my bed I am able to speak to caterer for this project. This is a well-known bakery specialist in Indian snacks and sweets. You can find out more about them here, http://radheshyambakery.com/

After few attempts phone connects, and finally I manage to speak to the gentleman. In the background i can distantly hear Bollywood music, and traffic noise with lots of “Peeppp, Beeping” sounds.  I inquire about the price, and menu, but as it seems  the gentleman is more interested to know where am I calling from? I don’t wish to disclose that I am not local.  My previous experience of dealing with businesses in India, it is apparent that they tend to overcharge NRIs. I am trying to get maximum things for our kids, so at this point I don’t wish to disclose my location. As I’ll continue to do regular business, I am sure he might find out that I don’t live locally, but I’ll worry about that when I cross that bridge.

Iguj-thalit was a productive discussion, we agreed on the menu and trust me it sounds really yummy…I am sure kids will enjoy the food. Check it out…its mouth-watering!!

I am now waiting for the price. Once I get these i can finalize the items and I’ll of course negotiate the price!! Watch this space for more stories, and photos of our experience

“Happy Sharing, Happy Serving”


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