Charity…Donation..Makes you run away or are you drawn to it?

If you are anything like my husband you’ll run away! How do you react when you get that email from your colleague/friends informing you of their next fund raising running event. You find a Cake Sale banner in your office.  You spot a guy on the street with a pin board asking people to sign up for regular donation or it could be someone by the train station, standing their with money collection box for a very worthy cause.

I am the one of those types who gets drawn to it. I read the story, and if I can relate to the cause I am quick to put my hand in the pocket, and donate. If you are my type then of course you’ve my blessing and carry on being generous! If you are anything like my husband I have listed 3 simple steps where you can donate for good cause without breaking your bank 🙂


  1. Buy books from Charity Shops such as Oxfam, Red Cross, British Heart Foundation, Scope. These are very reputable shops, and genuinely have a very good collections of books. These books cost a fraction of what you might get it from a retail outlet, and yes even cheaper than Amazon. Also remember there are no profit margin for these sales so all money are donated to good cause
  2. Recycle your old items by donating your item to charity shops. Things like clothes, shoes, household items, toys etc. Everyone tend to have a clear out at least once a year, please make sure that you donate your old (usable of course) items to nearby charity shops.
  3. Donate your service. If you are a doctor, lawyer, beautician etc.  you can offer a free service. You can select a local reputable charity to work with. I know of a charity called “Carers in London”, and they organize a weekly massage sessions for parents of disabled children. These beautician provide their services for free.

Are these simple enough? Please try them and let us know how you get on.

Happy Sharing 🙂 Happy Serving 🙂

The first step to Sharing starts in Childhood, Do you agree?

Do you remember your childhood days? For some of us, it was easy to share our toys, food, and books with our siblings or friends. Some of us even struggled to share things with others. Having grown up in big family (three sister and a brother), sharing was a second nature to me. I even remember that there were times when my mother used to praise me and remind me that I was so giving that I would even take out my favorite food from my mouth to give it to someone.  This obviously not very very hygienic of course, nevertheless it showed my willingness to share.


When I was in my teens used to share my clothes, and/or secret stories with my my best pals. The person whom I was sharing my stories with felt pretty special, bet they felt they were important to me, or I trusted them to impart my secret with them. Sometime, it even brought us more closer.

Nowadays,  I share the same liking as many other people in Social Media, mainly Facebook where I share something I read, or  a picture which was too pretty. that you are compelled to share! I purposefully make an effort to share my knowledge or resources with other people.  I am looking out for these opportunities to help other people, Why? I feel that I have taken enough from this beautiful world, and will continue to do so for many years to come. I feel it is my time to give something back to my community.  That is the sole purpose of setting up Shivani Foundation.

First core step of “Sharing” is instilled in our childhood, It is very important to teach our children the importance of “Sharing”. During my recent visit to library, while i was browsing a children section I came across a book called “Sharing Times” by Elizabeth Verdick and Marieka Heinlen. I read it quickly. As always, this was also very colorful with large fonts, It has a very beautiful message, that some things are easy to share such as; “hugs, laughs and smile”, whereas are somethings are difficult to share such as; “books, toys” because the other person might like it or break it. I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. Even today, I find somethings are easy to share such as my time, skills and resources. Last week I reviewed annual report for a small charity “Read Library”, which provides educational books to rural schools in India. Earlier this week I shared my food with a homeless person by the underground station. Sharing, a second nature to me and yet I struggle to share my space in an underground. If the train is empty, I’ll take an empty seat in the corner to make sure that at least I don’t need to share my space on both sides!

Odd, right? I wouldn’t be surprised many of us have some quirky not share things on our list!!

Please share in comment what is it that you find it easy to share, and something you struggle to share?

Happy Sharing 🙂 Happy Serving 🙂

Ice Cream…Yum! Wordless Wednesday

Summer Theme..Next treat in waiting for our little ones in Aanganwadi!

#WordlessWednesday #Summer #IceCream #Share #Serve

We are back :)

Dear Readers,

You might have wondered, what’s happened? No more updates. Is this project still happening? Did they run out of fund? Luckily, yes it’s still going on, and we haven’t run out of fund just yet.

There was a summer vacation in Aanganwadi, so we haven’t been circulation snacks. Also, I had been on an exciting adventure in May, so couldn’t keep up with updating this blog.

We are back now, and am in contact with our sweet provider to organizing logistic/snacks for upcoming months. I am also participating in our local athletic events to raise funds for this worthy cause.

I am also very close to setting up our local Autism Parent support group. Watch this space 🙂

Here is my creative piece from my adventure xoxo


Wordless Wednesday Sweet Kids #1

Happy Wednesday 🙂

When you are on a busy schedule I love Wordless post…Today is an exception as I am introducing a theme. Every Wednesday we will share individual photos of children in Aanganwadi.

Here is our first image.


She reminds me of my childhood lunch box, I used to have exact same lunch box as the one she’s holding!

Happy Sharing! Happy Serving 🙂

If you like to donate or get involved please get in touch

Here we go again….Monday Meal #5

Happy May Bank Holiday!!

As I type this update I am watching well overdue ITV Leaders’ Debate. It is quite interesting to watch all these politicians criticizing each other! Quote from the debate

“Those with the broadest shoulder bears the greatest burden” by Ed Miliband.

Do you agree with Ed Miliband?

I am not sure if watching these folks debating may pursue  me to select my leader (not for me), but nevertheless it is worth watching!

Our Monday Meal update, we distributed “Gathiya”, a very traditional Gujarati snack. Not too hot, not too blend, just the right taste for our little kids! We also gave some sweet called “Barfi”, to keep the balance going.

Here are some of our snaps.


Image_2 Image_3 Image_4


Mona told me that everyone loved the food. They were quite chatty, and passed their “Thank you”. I have some beautiful snaps of these kids getting up and close with Mona. I might use these for Wordless Wednesday, look out for those!

Happy Sharing 🙂 Happy Serving 🙂

If you like to get involved or donate please get in touch.

Purple Flower to capture your heart #6

Happy Sunday (Next one is special Sunday, so look out for Flower collections)

Flower theme continues

From this;


With a touch of Instagram on my iPhone 6 🙂


#Flower #Beauty #Silent #Sunday

A Flower to capture your heart #5

Happy Sunday!!

Flower theme continues…

From this


To this


#Flower #Beauty #SilentSunday #Spring #Instagram

It’s been more than a fortnight…Monday Meal #4

Have I been busy or what? I have been watching these lovely beautiful children enjoying their treats every Monday, just haven’t had a chance to share these with you!

Our agreed menu included things like, Kachori, Samosa, Sandwiches. As you can guess, pretty spicy themed items on the menu. Mona informed me that our little kids weren’t able to handle hot foods so we had to change our menu slightly. For last Monday, we served Gulab Jamun. My favorite’s totally delicious. Full of Sugar, and Ghee 🙂


Here is all kids lined up, and ready to get yummy treat 🙂IMG_2

Gulab Jamun served, ready to eat 🙂IMG_3

Here we are with our teachers 🙂 IMG_4

Auntie told me that children really enjoyed sweet treat!!

Happy Sharing, Happy Serving 🙂

If you like to get involved or donate please don’t hesitate to contact us.

A Flower to capture your heart #4

Happy Sunday!!

Flower theme continues!

From this:


To this


#Flower #Beauty #SilentSunday #Spring #Instagram

Happy Sunday!!!

This is a late post…..Monday Meal #3

This was supposed to be published yesterday, but guess what I was too busy making the most of our long weekend!! Yesterday, I spent most part of my day..spinning my head upside down (literally).  You see, I visited Thrope Park..You can have a sneak peek of what I mean by clicking here.

Another Monday, Another Meal Delivery.

Yesterday, we distributed Kachori (peas, and potatoes filling), with Tamarind chutney…Sounds too yummy, eh?

It is absolutely mouth watering, you can see this little one seems extremely delighted with his food.


Next time if you visit an Indian restaurant you can try one of these. Mainly, these are served as a starter, or snack. I had asked them to make large they can be served as lunch!

Auntie told me that children were extremely delighted!!

Here are some snaps from yesterday!!


It looks like, this session was held indoor @ someone’s house as i can’t spot any mat!


Have you guys noticed, that so far we have completed three Mondays…and more to come!!

To Share, To Serve…in action!!

PS: Hope all the folks in UK, are making the most of sunny week!

A Flower to capture your heart #3

Happy Sunday!!

Happy Easter 🙂


Original Image:

This photo was captured in Rose Garden in Morden Hall  Park.


Little bit of retouch with Instagram


Enjoy the Flower Power!!

Silent Sunday Beauty 🙂

Moi @ My First Run…Getting excited for this one in July # Thursday Throwback

Oh…What can I say? There I was thumping my head and heart, having said that..It was a great day and pretty memorable as it was my first charity run ever 🙂

This is what I looked like on the way there…..posing in the underground!


I remember, as an amateur, and enthused runner when the gun was fired at starting line I just went for it! I was running ahead of everyone (may be only for first 10 mins, and then I was exhausted and everyone  ran pass me). I had my Ipod, set on my favorite track!! Guess what, my headset was not appropriate for a run, ear plug kept dropping out, May be it couldn’t keep up with my racing pace!

I can vividly remember It was very a happening, and motivational atmosphere in Hyde Park!! Many areas in the park were blocked for runner. It was a sunny Sunday in September, a rare sun for British sky in September!!

I recall that our morning started with small warm up exercises, and guess what I meet…”Jessica Ennis-Hill, the Olympic champion”.  I was not very familiar with athletics, but she looked cute and friendly so i went up to her, and said “Hello”. I also took her autograph, and she very kindly signed my race number. I have it somewhere, must look it up!!I

I was doing 5K Adidas Women’s Challenge and raised money for Action Aid. I used to sponsor a little girl called “Manu”, in Delhi!! Looking back, it was a very worthwhile thing to do.

This is what I looked like after the race….(Sweaty Make up)


I am looking forward to this year’s  10K… Roll on July 🙂

Happy Sharing, Happy Serving 🙂

PS: Look out for our April’s kindness activities…as part of RAKtivist!!

Wordless Wednesday # British Library

Much loved place by ME,  and many across the globe!!

Photo was taken at the famous British Library Staircase  in London 🙂


Worth a visit!!

This place matches well with my passion….


Here we go again…Monday Meals #2

Good Morning Everyone!! Hope you are having a great start to this week (short week….Good Friday roll on)

This post is about our second Monday, since we started this project on 16th March!! This is pretty exciting. Today, we had bought Samosas (very famous Indian snack). It is a bit like pastry, and main fillings are Peas and Potatoes!!

My Auntie (the one in Pink saree) told me that children were really ecstatic, and it is very rare they get to have yummy food!!

Here are some photos from the session!!

Ready Steady….Eat 🙂

Image 1

Sharing is Caring (little boy in the checks shirt seems to be sharing his treat)  🙂

Image 3

Some are interested in photo…and some have their own agenda!! Love these cuties 🙂

Image 2

If you like to get involved,  or like to make a small (or big) donation please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Happy Monday!!

A Flower to capture your heart #2

Happy Sunday!!

Original Image:

This photo was captured in Rose Garden in Morden Hall  Park.


Little bit of retouch with Instagram

edit version

Enjoy the Flower Power!!

Silent Sunday Beauty 🙂

Do you know the name of the flower?

Smiley Beauty, Wordless Wednesday!

Such an innocent smile from us!!

Wordless Wednesday 🙂



Twitter Timeline on your blog…..Technical Tuesday Tip

As I continue with my 30 Days Blogging Challenge (even though I know I am lapsing on my days most of the time), I thought why not create some theme days for this blog. This way, I always have something to write about and also I can share some of the learned skills with fellow bloggers!

Here it is, Every Tuesday you can watch out for “Technical Tip” 🙂

Are you on Twitter yet?  If not, then may be its time you get a handle on twitter (literally)!


Apparently, your twitter name is referred as “Twitter handle” …Cool lingo, eh?  Click on the link here. This link gives you really detailed overview of Twitter, and what  you can do with your Twitter account.

Simple enough, right?

Even more simple steps to plug in your Twitter feeds on your blog


  •  Then Click on Widget
  •  Go to Settings on your Twitter account
  • Select User timeline, and click on Create widget
  • Customize it as per your preference, and then copy “HTML”

It will look something like below

<a class=”twitter-timeline” href=”; data-widget-id=”579208581674901505″>Tweets by @Shifoundation</a> <script>!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?’http’:’https’;if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+”://”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”);</script>

  • Then Save changes
  • Click on Widget, you should be able to see a new entry on your widget list


Now let’s get our Twitter timeline onto our blog (WordPress only)

  • Go to site administrative page, and click on Customize
  • Select Widgets, select an area where you would like to add Widget
  • From the Widget list select “Twitter Timeline”
  • Give a Title to Widget
  • In the Widget ID box, enter a number from HTML link (Copied from Twitter)

<a class=”twitter-timeline” href=”; data-widget-id=”579208581674901505“>Tweets by @Shifoundation</a><script>!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?’http’:’https’;if(!d.getElementById(id)) {js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+”://”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”);</script>

  • Save & Publish

Taadaa….Job done!! It’s that simple!!

Let us know if you found this to be helpful by following us on @Shifoundationimages

We will follow you back 🙂

Good luck 🙂

A Flower to capture your heart

From this


To this….With Instagram on my phone 🙂

IMG_0907Enjoy Silent Sunday beauties!!!

PS: Watch out for more flower pictures on Sunday 🙂

I am pretty chuffed today!! Monday Meal #1

Hurrah…. Finally it’s happened :):):):)

I  am overjoyed, and pretty happy to share that finally we hit our project milestone. I spoke to my Auntie, and she told me children were really happy. They have passed their “Thanks”, and asked; “Will we get this again?”.  Not sure what to make of this questions…are these greedy buggers 😉 or just simply innocent? I think it’s the latter!!

Here are some images from the play group.

Yummy cake….

IMG_0888Nice platter…


Kids clapping away 🙂

IMG_0875 (1)

Enjoying the food!


Thank you for following our journey!!

Happy Sharing! Happy Serving 🙂

Building from Bullying for non-verbal #1000speaks

This post is dedicated to this beautiful child, all special needs non-verbal  kids/adults and #1000speaks!!


A girl comes home, and starts sobbing….She can’t tell her mother why she’s crying. Another day, a teacher from the school called mother to inform her that she needs to pick up her daughter from school, because her daughter has been just pushed by a child onto the table and she hurt her ribs!

This pattern continue for couple of months. One week, someone pulled her hair, and some days a child has scratched her face!!

Apart from being upset, a little girl can’t say anything.

At this point, you might wonder what is going on? Well, this little girl who is not able to speak…….She is non-verbal.


She attends a special needs school, and all of her classmates has one or other form of disability. Maybe children might not be aware (consciously) that they are bullying this little child. How about staffs in the school though? Why no one is protecting her? Is it because these incidents are overlooked, because a girl has no voice?

It is very obvious that the girl is being physically bullied, and becoming target of other children’s aggression. One might ask, why she is the only one getting hurt in the class? A mother would never know if the girl is being hurt by the same child or a group of children in her class. She just can’t tell her mother, or anyone else for that matter.

Over time these incidents started affecting a child, she is now crying when it’s time go school. She doesn’t want to go to school. She signs “Bad”, and “Sad” when there is reference of a school and clearly signs that “She doesn’t wish to go to school”.

As a temporary measure mother pulls child out of the school, and is currently home schooled but what is the long term solution one might asks!

At the moment this little girl is at home, and is very content and happy! She enjoys playing with her peers at any children’s activities club, or social gathering!! She has build back from bullying, by making her feelings known  to her mother, and consequently her dotting mother removing her from that school!

Special thanks to Gillian for giving me permission to use images for this post, and special thanks to mother for sharing this story with me!

You can read all stories about “Building back from Bullying” here.

Happy Mummy Day!!

Here is my Silent Sunday post, dedicated to my MUM!! Thank you for your unconditional love 🙂


Here three of US….Moi,  My Moi, and Mom…No one’s looking at the camera though 😉


I HEART 1 to 4……

This Friday,  I am feeling very festive!! Last Sunday, we had organised a  wonderful Holi celebration with our Wimbledon Indians. It was an ad-hoc arrangement and last minute celebration nevertheless we all had a GREAT time!! Here are some of the pictures from the event.



It was a garden party (organised in Cannizaro Park, Wimbledon) filled with yummy food, lots of laughter, and truly colorful experience!!


YUM YUM…Authentically Indian Picnic 🙂


I realise that, I really enjoy first part of the year. From January to April,  we celebrate a different festival every other week (statistically it’s true). I have compiled a list below…have I missed any? If yes, feel free to add in a comment 🙂

  • January – New year, and Chinese New Year! Absolutely love New Year Celebration. It feels like our universe, and all within it has been renewed!
  • Kite Flying Day (14th Jan) – Traditionally an Indian festival celebrated by Hindus, but lately people of all casts, and religions celebrate this festival. Eat good food, and as the name suggests “Fly Kites”
  • Valentine Day (14th Feb) – Love is in the air….and this day is dedicated to all lovers 🙂
  • Shivratri (Lord Shiva’s B’day) – Generally in Feb, but date can vary depending on moon calendar. A very special day  for the Lord Shiva’s followers. They stay up till midnight, consume a special drink and chant Shiva Bhajan! It is a beautiful festival !!
  • Holi – Normally in March, and date can vary depending on lunar calendar. Traditionally an Indian festival, but lately is celebrated in many countries….and specially in USA, and Europe it has become a theme of events such as Color Run, or Holi Open festival.  There is a very beautiful ancient stories associated with this festival.
  • International Women’s Day (8th March) – Special day for all women round the world! xxx
  • Mother’s day  (15th March) – Needs no descriptions!! Very special Sunday for many mothers round the world!!
  • St. Patrick’s’ Day (17th March) – The day commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, as well as celebrating the heritage and culture of the Irish in general. Celebrations generally involve public parades and festivals, céilithe, and the wearing of green attire or shamrocks.
  • Good Friday – 3rd April, Good Friday is a religious holiday, observed primarily by Christians, commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary.
  • Easter Sunday – 5th April, but date can vary. In Britain we have custom to give bunny chocolates or chocolate eggs!!  Looking forward to it already 🙂

Is it the same for you?

Throwback Thursday..Running!!

Here is my first Throwback Thursday. I  took part in British 10K run in July 2012…An Olympic year in London 🙂

This run reminds me “Anything is possible”


I had not completed any training, and just on a day I went for 10K run, and completed it, for pro-runner this might not sound much, but i have a tendency to stop at every 20 minutes interval…and this was the first major run I completed without any stop station. It was a big achievement for me personally!!


I raised money for “International Association of Human Values”, it was a great success!!!

This year I am looking forward to event, and to raise fund for our own “Shivani Foundation”

Happy Sharing everyone 🙂

PS: We’ve been selected as RAKvtist….Stay tuned to read more!!

Almost a random acts of kindness…

On a Monday morning, before the busy day and life gets in the way, I want to share what’s happened in last few days.  I am eager to know if this happens to you?

On Thursday, I am walking out of the Aldgate Underground station.  I am running pretty late for my meeting (this wouldn’t be the first and last though), I saw a homeless woman, dressed up in warm clothes, sitting on a what seemed like a cardboard box. 002732-1024413homeless11hs

I had lunch in my hand, and felt as if I should give it to her. I told myself, as it is I am running late for this meeting, and if I give her my lunch what would I do? I just walk passed her, and that thought of giving her my food bothered me till very late evening. Perhaps, I should have!

On Saturday  morning I am driving down to supermarket, packed Saturday and  plenty of grocery shopping on my “To do list” today. As I was driving, I saw a gentleman, wearing hooded jacket, was carrying a rucksack and in one hand was holding a Coca Cola.  He reminded of me, when I am running  to catch a bus. He ran across my car to catch a bus. I slowed down my car shutterstock_217875652-390x285so he can catch the bus.

Unfortunately, He still didn’t get the bus, and I felt that maybe I could waive him, and give him a lift in my car so I can drop him off to next bus stop…guess what? I didn’t, as it is I was in a rush,  and if I were to stop for him I will be late.

Yesterday, two Gujarati ladies (of our region from India) knocked on my door, and said they wanted to come for a chat.  One lady, must have been of my mum’s age, and her name was “Kailasben”. She had a beautiful smile on her face, and both of them looked innocent and welcoming.  Kailasben told me that she isn’t there to promote religion, or to ask for any donation. She likes to spread goodwill, and is just here to have a good chat with us.  You can guess the rest. Did I let them in?  Nope, I thanked them politely and said we were just about to have a lunch so this wasn’t the right time, another time. Honestly,I don’t know if that another time would come. Normally in India if someone comes at your house like that, you welcome them and at least offer them water or tea….they say “Atithi Devo Bhav”.  Guest is like a God!!

I ask myself, Is our life so fast paced that we have good thoughts, but not enough time to action these? Through last few days, when you have an intention to spread goodwill, or help someone out,  you should “JUST DO IT”.


Don’t get into “If, and buts”…It will never happen!


Let us all “Make time, and take time” to help others, I am glad that despite leading a very busy life I am taking up some time out to set up Shivani Foundation, and very recently I have also been involved in setting up “Autism Parents group” in our local area.

Happy Monday!!!

Happy International Women’s day!!

“We should be celebrating women everyday”

Some of my favorite pin board..Enjoy!!!

photo (56)We are all in this together, color of your skin, or your attire doesn’t matter…


A note to a self, and to all beautiful women out there xxx


Have a blissful day xxxx

Happy Sharing..Happy Serving…Happy Giving 🙂

Wordless Wednesday

Very authentic Indian village look….It looked more beautiful in real.


Terrible Tuesday…..

Yesterday was supposed to our big day, inauguration of our project…Guess what? There had been unexpected hail storms, and heavy rain fall in the town…below might give you some idea as to how terrible it had been for the folks over there..


Mina Auntie also confirmed that due to recent “Swine Flu” epidemic in the local area,  it probably is best that I hold off for a fortnight or so…

Who could have predicted this?  Till Last Friday, everything seemed in harmony, and pretty perfect! I spoke to Mona, asking her to take care of logistic, and place an order etc…..and now this..

I am gutted, but also understand that it can’t be helped and everything happens for a reason.  I am sitting tight, and waiting for a fortnight to pass till we kick start our project.  Our milestone has moved, and this time due to nature’s fury! I hope everyone is safe though!!

Hope this is the first, and last “Terrible Tuesday” post…

Silent Sunday

Love this pic…capturing Yoga in the park by the  Salt Lake City Library!! I think T-shirt compliments the picture really well.. what do you think?


Consequences of OVERSLEEPING….Grrr!!

As I sit by the window, overlooking a car park surrounded by tall tower blocks in a Physical Therapy Centre in NYC I ask myself what can I write about today? I am committed to “30 Days Blogging Challenge”, so just wondering what shall I write? Well as the project is still in infancy, so can’t really think of something to write every day!  I decide to write about my day,  just to give you little preview of my day (by the way, all days are not like this).

My morning usually starts @ 3:00am (really early as I am working UK hours),  Nice and early, eh?  Too early, I think!! Ideal morning start in my world looks like this…. Switch off the alarm, Freshen up, Yoga, Do meditation, Grab a bite,  Read a page from my “Book of the Month” – Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain…and then get ready for work…start with “Read, comment or like up 10 posts for #1000 Voices for Compassion”, and then start my work. Staring my morning THE RIGHT WAY,eh?


Today, I overslept… I am almost certain that most people have experienced “Oversleeping”. These are pretty dangerous when it happens in morning hours.


As one can guess, my morning routine is out of the window. I woke up two hours later than planned, and guess what the first thing I do is log on computer to see how many voice conferences I might have missed…Lucky for me, the meeting with my manager was cancelled, Phew!!

No time for Yoga, Meditation, or any planned activities. I start working away, and only at 11:00am I get a chance to get breakfast, and then continue working till 6:00pm. Pretty productive day at work, and needed to skip my lunch and work till late to make up for missing hours.

I also remember one of my ex-colleagues, who got a call from her manager at mid-afternoon when she didn’t turn up for work…why because she overslept!! Luckily my “Late logging” was not noticed!

How was my day…Pretty usual, and slightly busier than a normal day!! Today, I learned to be compassionate towards myself…and laughed at this mishap. Thank you for #1000 Voices for Compassion…I am learning to be compassionate towards myself 🙂


Have you Overslept…What was it like for you?